Unanimous AI Awarded Two New Patents for Swarm Intelligence

Innovations Enable Networked Business Teams to Amplify their Collective Intelligence

San Francisco, CA – Unanimous AI, pioneers of Artificial Swarm Intelligence technology, announced today that it been awarded two additional patents for its innovations:

US Patent 10,110,664:

“Dynamic Systems for Optimization of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence” 

US Patent 10,122,775:

“Systems and Methods for Assessment and Optimization of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence Systems

The newly issued patents cover a range of inventive methods and systems, including unique feedback control processes for amplifying the intelligence of networked human groups. These innovations are aimed at empowering business teams to think together in closed-loop systems.  Published research studies have shown that by forming such systems, networked groups are empowered to generate significantly more accurate decisions, forecasts, and assessments than traditional methods.
“At Unanimous, our mission is to amplify the intelligence of networked business teams,” said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI, “turning their combined knowledge, wisdom, intuition and instincts into optimized insights that demonstrate amplified accuracy.”

A combination of real-time human insights and AI algorithms, Swarm AI technology from Unanimous turns networked teams into super-intelligent systems modeled on the way birds flock, fish school, and bees swarm to amplify their collective intelligence.

About Unanimous AI
Unanimous AI pioneers technologies that amplify the intelligence of business teams, combining the power of AI with the depth of human insight. Its Swarm AI technology is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies for a wide range of applications, from forecasting sales to optimizing marketing campaigns.  In 2018, Swarm AI was recognized as SXSW’s “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year.” For more about Unanimous AI, see the TED talk, “Hope for Humans in an AI World” or visit http://unanimous.ai

Would you like to participate in future predictions, experiments and studies? Unanimous AI holds several weekly Swarm Sessions across a variety of topics, from the NFL and English Premier League, to elections, the Oscars, and more.

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