Swarming the NFL: AI Picks for Week 6


The 2017 NFL season has been filled with surprises. As we head into Week Six, the Rams sit atop the NFC West. In the AFC, the Jags are leading the way in the South. And if you predicted at the season’s start that the Pats and Jets would face off in week six with identical 3-2 records, well…send us some lottery numbers to play, huh?

Last week the swarm’s most confident picks resulted in a nice payoff, and puts the swarm’s 46 wins on the season ahead of all but four of ESPN’s massive panel of experts. The NFL Swarm convened again earlier today to predict the weekend’s action in advance of Thursday night’s tilt in Carolina.

This week’s swarm felt reasonably confident in a lot of games, and none so much as the game in Atlanta Sunday when the Falcons host visiting Miami. Atlanta is coming off a bye week, which is just what the doctor ordered for a gimpy Julio Jones. For this pick, the replay below shows the swarm quickly converging on a high-confidence graded answer for the Dirty Birds with a great deal of cohesion and near-unanimity.

If you like the high-risk challenge of playing NFL games against the spread, the NFL swarm also has you covered. As of our swarm time on Thursday afternoon, questions about Oakland’s David Carr and Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota kept those games off the board, but here’s how the swarm predicted the other 12 contests.


For the highest-confidence pick this week, the swarm couldn’t pass up the number being offered on the Chiefs, who are playing at home in Kansas City against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has been maddeningly inconsistent all season long, and the swarm decided to pounce on the 4.5 point spread. This time the swarm backed up its confidence in multiple ways: we’ve got a high Brainpower, the highest hypothetical wager amount of the week, and also a separate choice by the swarm to make Kansas City their pick of the week.


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