Swarm AI Predicts the Super Bowl 51 Prop bets

This year, over 100 million people are expected to watch Super Bowl LI and nearly every one of them will have an opinion on who is going to win. But, here at Unanimous AI, it’s not enough to pick a winner. We want to know who’s going to cover the spread, how many points are going to be scored, and even what color Gatorade they’re going to dump on the winning coach.

To find out, we brought together a Swarm A.I. of nearly 50 sports fans from across the country and challenged them to predict the outcome of 20 Super Bowl Prop Bets. It’s tempting to describe what UNU does with metaphors like “crystal balls” or “Ouija boards”, but the reality is so much cooler than anything “magical”. An UNU Swarm is science pure and simple, based on the kinds of observed swarm behaviors scientists have noted in nature for centuries. A Swarm A.I. represents the potential of a group truly thinking together, elevating its output beyond the sum of its parts. In fact, last year this amplification of intelligence proved invaluable as the swarm outperformed more 99% of its individual competitors.

Below is a replay of the swarm’s prediction that the Patriots will win and cover the three point spread. As you can, the swarm was very quickly able to reach consensus on this pick, and even registered it with “High Confidence.” While Tom Brady and the Patriots have been upset twice in the Super Bowl, the swarm seems confident that Roger Goodell will have to hand him the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday.

Of course, there’s more to the Super Bowl than just picking the winner. Our online oddsmaker of choice lists nearly 700 (!!) prop bets for this year’s game, ranging from the statistical ( how many yards will Brady throw for? ) to the fantastical ( what color will Lady Gaga’s hair be first? ). Still, we couldn’t resist having the swarm make a few predictions about some of the more fun props, like the aforementioned color of Gatorade.


Below you will find a the full list of the swarm’s picks for 20 Super Bowl prop bets. These picks are the result of multiple swarms answers being aggregated, and are ranked by betting confidence on a hypothetical scale of $0-100. You’ll notice that we’ve declined to assign a financial confidence to the four non-football prop bets, and four additional prop bets were deemed “too close to call” by the Swarms. So, while all gambling should be considered a “proceed with caution” situation, it can be concluded that the swarm has no meaningful confidence in those four prop bets. Finally, you can click the chart below for links to all of the Swarm’s predictions.


NFL Prop Bets

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