Swarm Intelligence taps Penguins to lift Stanley Cup

Fresh off correctly predicting the Kentucky Derby Superfecta against 542 to 1 odds — of the most unlikely gambling stories in years — UNU’s unique Swarm Intelligence has been asked to predict the outcome of this years Stanley Cup. So earlier this week, researchers used UNU to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the contending teams and made 6 formal predictions about the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Personally, I have no idea if the swarm’s picks are reasonable. Everything I know about hockey I learned from the Mighty Ducks trilogy and a friend who fought his way into the league as a “goon” and became famous mostly for a delightful mustache.

What I do know is that last year, UNU predicted the Blackhawk’s unlikely Stanley Cup win before the playoffs had even begun. And after watching the Swarm beat the experts at the Oscars, the Super Bowl, the College Football bowls, and, of course, the Kentucky Derby, I know better than to trust my own instincts over the Swarm’s.

So, who did the Swarm like in the Eastern Conference? 

Pengs win East Conf

The Swarm says to put your money on the Penguins. So, I will. But how many games will it go?

East Conf goes 7

In the Western Conference, the swarm taps the Sharks to conquer the Blues of St. Louis. Works for me.

Sharks Win West Conf

The Swarm also predicts a close series in the West, but thinks the Sharks will wrap it up with one game to spare.

West Conf Goes 6

Finally, we had to ask – who will win the Stanley Cup? As you can see, the Swarm was torn between the Sharks and the Penguins, but eventually settled on Pittsburgh for the big win.  Based on the data collected, it aims to be a hotly-contested series.

Pengs win the Stanley Cup

If the final is anything like the Mighty Ducks – and I have no reason to believe it won’t be – then we can expect the Penguins to fall behind early, but band together in the locker room before mounting a third period comeback. It’s possible a uniform change and a knuckle-puck will be involved. Note, that last bit was my prediction… not UNU’s.

Cup goes 7 games

What do you think – does a Penguin victory over the Sharks in 7 games seem reasonable? Luckily for UNU, the battle won’t be waged on the Discovery Channel where sharks seem to always devour penguins.  In this series, the birds will get revenge.

In addition to the above picks, UNU also predicted four MVP awards to be given out by the NHL.  I’ll post those picks later this week.

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