UNU Baseball Holds Steady at 66% Win Rate

Earlier this week, the UNU Baseball Swarm made 12 predictions for the August 30th MLB games.

The results are in and Tuesday’s Swarm went 7-5 picking winners. The Swarm’s recommended bets produced a slight loss on investment of 9%, a far cry from Friday’s 11-1 record and 74% ROI Against the Spread. But that’s OK, what we’re looking for are results over time, and after Tuesday’s game, the Swarm is holding rock steady, picking winners in 2 out of every 3 games (63-32 overall). Here is the full list of the Swarm’s picks for 8-30 and how they turned out.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.06.47 AM

Two other items of note. First, the Swarm’s most confident pick won again, as the Tigers overcame an early deficit to beat the White Sox 8-4.  Second, if you remember, the Swarm recommended two games Against the Spread where we felt like the Brainpower was low enough to suggest a Moneyline bet instead. Incredibly, both those games were won by the Swarm’s picks by a single run. Now, we’re still learning about Brainpower ( and obviously UNU Baseball is a huge part of that), but there’s something going on here! Here is the GIF of that replay.


Tex BP game

The Swarm seemed confident the Rangers would win, but the split between “by a little” and “by a lot” lowered the group’s Brainpower enough that it only made sense to recommend a Moneyline bet, rather than ATS. If you watched this game, you know it was a back and forth affair, with the predicted Rangers jumping out to an early 4-0 lead, but still needing a walkoff 2 run home run to secure the victory.

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