UNU Baseball Produces 29.4% Return on Investment


Now that the dust has settled on all the MLB action on September 16th, it’s time to take a look at how the UNU Baseball Swarm did in picking Friday’s games. If you check the UNU blog HERE you’ll see that the Swarm registered 10 recommendations on the 15 games.

Of course, knowing when not to risk anything is just as important as picking winners. 3 games were deemed “too close to call,” one game recommended as “No bet” due to low Brainpower, and the Cubs game was tossed out in advance because the Cubs clinched on Thursday night after the Swarm registered its prediction, changing the circumstances of that game dramatically.

So, how did the Swarm do? Pretty darn well, it turns out. 

The Swarm went a stellar 8-2, including 1 win Against the Spread, and an incredible 7 out of 8 in picking Moneyline winners. The full list of recommendations is presented below, with the winners in green and the losers in red. We’ve calculated the ROI using payouts and odds taken from Sportsbook.ag, and using an identical $10 wager on each of the 10 games that the Swarm recommended. As you can see below, the Return on Investment on that theoretical $100 would be an very healthy 29.4%. Not bad for about twenty minutes worth of work, but that’s the power of Swarm Intelligence.

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If you’ve not seen the Swarm in action, here’s what it looks like when the UNU Baseball group registers a prediction. As you can see, the Swarm liked Max Scherzer and the Nationals to beat the Braves. And that’s exactly what they did, as the Washington ace secured his 17th win of the season with the Nationals 7-2 victory.

Nationals 9:16

UNU Baseball is now picking winners at an outstanding rate of 65%. As you can probably imagine, we are learning a tremendous amount about how the Swarm thinks and how Brainpower affects accuracy. We’re looking forward to formally publishing all of our results at the end of the season. But, in the meantime, here’s how UNU Baseball turned $100 in to $129.44 on Friday using the power of Swarm Intelligence.

Nationals -1.5 ( -140 ) = Risk $10 to win 7.14 for payout of $17.14

Mets ML ( -210 ) = Risk $10 to win 4.76 for payout of $14.76 

White Sox ML (-130 ) = Risk $10 to win 7.69 for payout of $17.69 

Rangers ML ( -195 ) = Risk $10 to win 5.13 for payout of $15.13 

Rockies ML ( -170 ) = Risk $10 to win 5.88 for payout of $15.88

Cleveland Indians ML ( -165 ) =  Risk $10 to win 6.06 for payout of $16.06

Blue Jays ML ( -145 ) = Risk $10 to win 6.90 for payout of $16.90

Red Sox ML 9  (-170 ) = Risk $10 to win 5.88 for payout of $15.88

Miami -1.5 ( -120 ) = Risk $10 to win 8.33 loses $10.00

Seattle ML ( -130 ) = Risk $10 to win 7.69 loses $10.00 

And here are the replays of all 15 recommendations. 


MIA: T Koehler (R) 9-11, 3.97 at PHI: A Morgan (L) 2-10, 5.73
Miami Marlins by a lot – Brainpower 84%
MIL: C Anderson (R) 8-11, 4.53 at CHC: J Lackey (R) 9-8, 3.35 ( NO BET due to Cubs Clinch ) 
Chicago Cubs by a lot – Brainpower 80%

WSH: M Scherzer (R) 16-7, 2.78 at ATL: J Gant (R) 1-3, 4.40
Washington Nationals by a lot – Brainpower 80%


BY A LOT – Below 80% Brainpower ( Moneyline ) 

MIN: J Berrios (R) 2-6, 9.27 at NYM: B Colon (R) 13-7, 3.27
New York Mets by a lot – Brainpower 79%

BY A LITTLE  ( Moneyline )

HOU: C McHugh (R) 10-10, 4.86 at SEA: F Hernandez (R) 11-5, 3.58
Seattle Mariners by a little – Brainpower 94% 

CHW: C Sale (L) 15-8, 3.03 at KC: I Kennedy (R) 11-9, 3.62
Chicago White Sox by a little – Brainpower 83%

OAK: K Graveman (R) 10-10, 4.13 at TEX: C Hamels (L) 14-5, 3.24
Texas Rangers by a little – Brainpower 81%

SD: C Friedrich (L) 5-10, 4.67 at COL: T Chatwood (R) 11-9, 3.82
Colorado Rockies by a little – Brainpower 79% 

DET: M Fulmer (R) 10-6, 2.76 at CLE: C Kluber (R) 16-9, 3.05
Cleveland Indians by a little – Brainpower 79%
TOR: R Dickey (R) 9-14, 4.60 at LAA: J Weaver (R) 11-11, 5.25
Toronto Blue Jays by a little – Brainpower 78%

NYY: L Cessa (R) 4-1, 4.34 at BOS: C Buchholz (R) 6-10, 5.31
Boston Red Sox  by a little – Brainpower 75%

BY A LITTLE — Low Brainpower ( No Rec ) 

TB: C Archer (R) 8-18, 4.05 at BAL: U Jimenez (R) 7-11, 5.98
Tampa Bay Devil Rays by a little – Brainpower 68%


PIT: R Vogelsong (R) 3-5, 4.66 at CIN: R Stephenson (R) 2-1, 4.43
Too close to call

LAD: K Maeda (R) 14-9, 3.28 at ARI: Z Greinke (R) 12-6, 4.54
Too close to call

STL: L Weaver (R) 1-2, 3.48 at SF: M Moore (L) 10-11, 4.08
Too close to call

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