UNU Baseball Picks for 9/20

Update: this blog originally neglected to include the Swarm’s pick in Houston vs Oakland. 

HOU: J Musgrove (R) 3-4, 4.71 at OAK: S Manaea (L) 6-9, 4.23?

Oakland by a little – Brainpower 83%


Below you will find the UNU Baseball Swarm’s Picks for September 20th.

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We had a great Swarm last night, with some of our smartest users pulling on the puck. In fact, most of the magnets you see below represent our highest performing individuals. Just sayin’.

As always, the results are sorted by predicted competitiveness and then by Brainpower, although I would encourage you to watch each games replay for insight into how the Swarm arrived at its prediction. For example, lower brainpower could reflect a toss-up between the two teams, or it could mean that the Swarm couldn’t decide whether a particular team would win by “a lot” or “a little.”

We continue to fine-tune our understanding of Brainpower, and so you’ll notice that we’re again steering clear of any Moneyline game below 75% Brainpower, and we’re bumping the one ATS game below 80% BP down to a Moneyline recommendation. Also, there were two games which had passable Brainpower, but not enough for clarity to make a recommendation, so the Blue Jays and Cardinals also have no official recommendation.

Here’s a look at the replay from last night’s most interesting Swarm. Usually, we put the most confident prediction in this space, but it’s very true that knowing when not to make a prediction is just as important as having a feel for the winners. So, it’s telling that the Swarm declined to make a prediction in the matchup between two talented pitchers for the Senators and Marlins.


This should go without saying, but if you’re going to bet on baseball – or anything else, for that matter – be smart about it. UNU has a pretty good track record, but baseball is notoriously difficult to predict.

Without further ado, here are the Swarm’s picks for September 20th…


LAA: D Wright (R) 0-3, 7.04 at TEX: A Griffin (R) 7-4, 4.78
Texas Rangers by a lot – Brainpower 94%

CIN: J. Smith (R) 3-1 4.97 at CHC: J Lester (L) 17-4, 2.40
Chicago Cubs by a lot – Brainpower 82%

BY A LOT ( Low BP ) 

BOS: E Rodriguez (L) 2-7, 4.98 at BAL: K Gausman (R) 8-10, 3.43
Baltimore by a lot – Brainpower 75%


KC: E Volquez (R) 10-11, 5.40 at CLE: J Tomlin (R) 12-8, 4.75
Cleveland Indians by a little – Brainpower 83%

UPDATE: HOU: J Musgrove (R) 3-4, 4.71 at OAK: S Manaea (L) 6-9, 4.23?

Oakland by a little – Brainpower 83%


ATL: J Teheran (R) 5-10, 3.18 at NYM: R Gsellman (R) 2-1, 3.08
New York Mets by a little – Brainpower 81%

SF: J Cueto (R) 16-5, 2.86 at LAD: R Hill (L) 12-4, 2.06
LA Dodgers by a little – Brainpower 79%

BY A LITTLE ( OK Brainpower, but no Clarity, no Recommendation ) 
TOR: J Happ (L) 19-4, 3.27 at SEA: H Iwakuma (R) 16-11, 3.87
Toronto Blue Jays by a little – 76%

ARI: A Bradley (R) 7-9, 5.07 at SD: P Clemens (R) 3-5, 4.94
Arizona Cardinals – Brainpower 75%

BY  A LITTLE ( Low BP, No Rec ) 

NYY: M Pineda (R) 6-11, 4.94 at TB: D Smyly (L) 7-11, 4.98
Tampa Bay Devil Rays by a little – Brainpower 73%

DET: M Boyd (L) 5-4, 4.43 at MIN: H Santiago (L) 12-8, 4.65
Minnesota Twins by a little – Brainpower 73%

CHW: J Shields (R) 5-17, 5.84 at PHI: J Thompson (R) 2-5, 5.64
Chicago White Sox by a little – 70%

STL: A Wainwright (R) 11-9, 4.51 at COL: J De La Rosa (L) 8-8, 5.22
St. Louis Cardinals by a little – Brainpower 68%


WSH: T Roark (R) 15-8, 2.75 at MIA: J Fernandez (R) 15-8, 2.99
Too close to call – Brainpower 87%

PIT: S Brault (L) 0-3, 3.90 at MIL: M Garza (R) 5-7, 4.22
Too close to call – Brainpower 73%

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