Join the Bitcoin Halving Prediction Experiment!

Help us predict the impact of Bitcoin Halving by forming a Swarm Intelligence

The Bitcoin clock is ticking. This Saturday at approximately 11:00 AM ET, the critical quadrennial Bitcoin Halving will take place, cutting in half the amount Bitcoins made available to miners of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin investors know that Halving will impact on the future of the popular cryptocurrency, but experts are divided on what that impact will be. Will prices flatten or even drop as some have predicted, or will the scarcity drive prices ( up nearly 50% since January 1st ) even higher?

With so much uncertainty around halving, we’re forming a Swarm Intelligence for answers.  Previous swarms have made extremely accurate predictions, beat the experts when forecasting the outcome of the Oscars, the Kentucky Derby, and most recently the Stanley Cup.

But can a Swarm Intelligence predict Bitcoin?  To do so, we need bitcoin enthusiasts to join the swarm and help answer questions about the impact of the halving event.  The process should only take about 10 minutes and it’s fun.  To join the swarm you can sign up below.

Here’s an example Swarm making a prediction. This prediction was made by a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts in early June. Every magnet you see represents a user, pushing and pulling in a real-time negotiation that converges  by balancing the confidence and conviction of everyone in the group.

Bitcoin $1000 no

How accurate are Swarms? Of course, not every prediction from the Swarm will be as successful when a group of horse-racing enthusiasts nailed the 541 to 1 Superfecta at the Kentucky Derby, a feat Newsweek called the holy grail of gambling,” but this much we know is true — people are smarter when they think together in UNU than they would be on their own. Swarms outperformed 99% of individuals in predicting Super Bowl Prop Bets, and beat every single expert at ESPN in picking the NFL Playoffs, and they beat the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight at the Oscars.

That’s why this Saturday, we’re holding a Bitcoin Prediction Experiment just before the halving (Saturday 11:00 AM, ET). There’s too much on the line not to see what the Swarm has to say.  Sign up below to join the Swarm and we’ll send you an invite by email – the predictions should only take about 10 minutes, and honestly – it’s fun.

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