Day Traders tap Collective Wisdom with A.I.

As the old saying goes – many minds are better than one.  Now, a new form of A.I. called Artificial Swarm Intelligence is enabling groups of online users to make accurate predictions by working together as real-time swarms.  You might have heard about “human swarms” because of recent news where groups of online enthusiasts outperformed the experts when predicting the Oscars, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and the Kentucky Derby.  And now swarm researchers are looking for Day Traders and Investors to help make predictions around market trends.

Why apply Swarm Intelligence to financial markets?  Simple – investors are always looking for an edge.  And by working together as a real-time swarm, groups of online investors should be able to make more accurate forecasts about everything from gold prices and interest rates, to earnings reports and unemployment numbers.  We aim to prove this by forming a swarm of market enthusiasts and making daily predictions as a unified intelligence.  To make it work, we just need investing enthusiasts who find this as interesting as we do, willing to spend a little time contributing insights.

Here’s an example Swarm making a prediction. This prediction was made by a group of investing enthusiasts last month. Every magnet you see represents a user, logged in anonymously from their own computer, pushing and pulling in a real-time negotiation that converges by balancing the confidence and conviction of everyone in the group.  The process is fast, fun, and proven to amplify intelligence.


How does Swarm Intelligence work?  From flocks of birds and schools of fish, to colonies of ants and swarms of bees – countless species have evolved techniques to amplify their intelligence by working together in closed-loop systems.  By applying these same principles to groups of online users, researchers are seeing similar amplification effects.

For example, researchers asked 50 individuals to predict the 2016 Oscars.  On their own, individuals were 40% accurate.  When using a standard poll and taking the most popular answers as the predictions – the group improved mildly, nearing 50% correct.  But, when working together as a real-time swarm, the group achieved 76% accuracy.  And as reported by Newsweek, which published the swarm’s predictions in advance, the average professional movie critic was only 63% accurate.  In other words, by working as a swarm, a group of enthusiasts were able to exceed expert level performance.

Of course, making market predictions is far more interesting than predicting the Oscars or sporting events.  So, we’re looking to assemble a community of investing enthusiasts who want to try to beat the experts by combining their insights in real-time. If you’d like to be part of the investing swarm, just sign up below and we’ll send you an invite by email – the predictions are quick and honestly – it’s fun.

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