Aliens, UFO’s, Interstellar Travel – Are They Real?

Researchers at Unanimous A.I. have used Swarm Intelligence to make predictions about sports, politics, and awards shows like the Oscars, which have been astonishingly accurate. But perhaps even more interesting is some of the speculations the Swarm made that can’t be proven.

The popular radio show Midnight in the Desert wanted to ponder several such questions about life on other planets, time travel, and other fascinating existential topics. So researchers put those questions to a Swarm Intelligence made up of 40 individuals.  Here’s a sampling:

On the question of life on other planets, the Swarm expressed a high degree of certainty. But interestingly enough, the Swarm doubts that unexplained UFOs were actually visitors from other planets.

So, the Swarm believes there is life on other planets, but doubts they are coming to visit us. So what about our ability to conquer interstellar travel and possibly discover intelligent life?

Here, the Swarm’s opinion is a bit dark. Now, this shouldn’t necessarily be interpreted as a belief that a nuclear war is likely, but simply that it’s more likely than interstellar travel. So, what should we do with these speculations. Obviously, they can’t be proven right or wrong. But, given the accuracy of predictions by Swarm Intelligence, it seems that we should take the answers seriously.

On a lighter note however, if you’d actually like to meet a few aliens,  what would be your best approach?   The Swarm was asked that question, as shown in the replay below.  We think it’s a fun result, and just might be some good advice for interstellar adventure seekers…

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