Swarming the EPL: AI Picks for Week 12

It’s a Derby Weekend this week in the English Premier League, with Manchester City hosting rivals Man United at Etihad Stadium on Sunday. While that’s sure to be the rivalry game drawing the most scrutiny this week, Tottenham and Crystal Palace will have their own London Derby at Selhurst Park on Saturday. If those matches weren’t enough reason to be anticipating the weekend’s games in the Premiership, the League also has critical contests for up-and-coming clubs like Bournemouth and Watford happening as well. Here’s how the swarm predicted the action.

United enter their rivalry match against City coming off the Red Devils’ best game in recent memory. They beat powerful Juventus on Wednesday in the Champions League on the Italian team’s home field. However, Manchester City appears to be in top form as well. They enter the match off consecutive six-goal pastings of their opposition. And for this Manchester Derby, it’s the Sky Blues who have the home field advantage.

Although this matchup isn’t one the swarm predicted with high degrees of confidence, the replay above does show a moderately strong forecasting conviction. As you can see, the magnets are overwhelmingly bunched on the City side of the hexagon. So why not a higher confidence? As the replay also shows, the swarm takes this to only a 1-goal margin prediction, which remains the strongest indicator of swarm confidence in EPL matches we have. In addition, the swarm was asked to assign a virtual “bet” on this game, and did so at only a middling amount. That seems to suggest the swarm’s overall belief that the Citizens should take this contest…but also acknowledges that in a rivalry match anything can happen.

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