Announcing CryptoSwarm AI

CryptoSwarm AI

The world’s first NFT-based Super Intelligence

Unanimous AI has partnered with The Genius Collective to launch CryptoSwarm AI, an NFT-based forecasting service for the cryptocurrency market. CrytpoSwarm AI will use our award-winning SWARM platform to forecast the cryptocurrency market three times each week (m,w,f) and generate rigorous Intelligence Reports for our community of NFT holders.

How does one become a part of this community? Simply purchase one of the 300 NFTs that will be minted at launch.

CryptoSwarm Intelligence Reports will accessible only to NFT holders and will provide guidance on how various cryptocurrencies are likely to move over the next 48 hours and over the next 7 days.

In addition, NFT holders can optionally participate in our real-time forecasting sessions and win cash bonuses for accurate forecasting.  In this way, our NFT community will become a collective Super Intelligence that works together to forecast cryptocurrencies with all members benefiting from the amplified collective insights generated using Swarm AI technology.

An Exclusive Community: During the first year of service, we  plan to sell only 1000 CryptoSwarm NFTs for 1 ETH each which gives holders the right to (i) participate in forecasting session, (ii) get online access to crypto Intelligence Reports, and (iii) win payouts through Forecast to Win.  In addition, an extra 350 NFTs will be awarded to our first 350 members (1 bonus NFT each).

Mint Dates:

Soft Launch (350 nfts @ 1.0 ETH) – October 14, 2022

Full Launch (1000 nfs @ 1.5 ETH) – December 15, 2022

Join Mailing List here:  CryptoSwarm.AI


Participants can win cash payouts (in crypto) during each forecasting session based on their individual accuracy in relation to other participants in that session.  We use a bell-curve with higher performers awarded higher payouts as follows:

Payout Graph (fixed) 2.jpg

Forecasting Payouts:

  •      The BEST performer earns $25 (in crypto) for that session. 
  •      The top 2% of performers each earn $10 for that session. 
  •      The next 14% of performers each earn $7 for that session.
  •      The next 34% of performers each earn $5 for that session
  •      The next 34% of performers each earn $2 for that session
  •      The next 14% of performers earn $1 for that session.
  •      The worst 2% of performers earn $0 for that session.

Group Bonus

All participants in the session get an additional 25% bonus on their winnings when the group, working as a SWARM, does better than 85% of the individual participants on the survey.


Participants will be able to login to an Interactive Portal using their NFT for authentication where they can see how they performed in each session compared to other members. They’ll also be able to check their daily winnings and see other fun stats. Here is a sample screenshot:

Intelligence Reports:

Of course, the most valuable part of the CryptoSwarm AI service will be the detailed intelligence reports that NFT holders can access three times per week (m, w, f).  Below are two sample pages from an Intelligence Report.  The full report is expected to be six to eight pages each session.

 Two pages of an example CryptoSwarm Intelligence Report (of eight pages)

To learn more about CryptoSwarm AI, head over to our dedicated website. And to stay connected with the project, make sure to sign up for our mailing list or join our discord channel when you’re there.