Was it smart for Twitter to Change it’s Company Name? (We asked a Swarm Intelligence)

Those who follow Unanimous AI know we use artificial intelligence in a unique way. Instead of replacing human insights with algorithms, we use AI to amplify intelligence by connecting networked human groups into real-time systems modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. The technology is called Artificial Swarm Intelligence (or Swarm AI) and it enables significantly more accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and evaluations (see published results).

Market researchers often use our Swarm AI technology to rapidly generate optimized insights from “swarms” of average citizens. For example, Starcom recently used Swarm AI to evaluate the changing perceptions of women’s sports.  Of course, our own team sometimes gets curious about a high profile issue and we generate our own insights.  That happened this week with burning questions around Twitter’s name change.  Was this a good idea?  Will it build trust?  Will it reverse the downward usage trend?

To answer these questions we brought together a real-time swarm of frequent Twitter Users of diverse political backgrounds.  We asked them a quick set of questions that they answered by working together as a real-time Swarm Intelligence.  This is what the “swarming process” looked like when the participants, logged in from all around the US and the UK, reached optimized insights:


In the replay above, each yellow magnet was controlled by a user logged in from somewhere in the US or UK, all of them deliberating together while Swarm AI algorithms assessed their behaviors and controlled the direction of the puck. Together the system converges on insights that significantly outperform traditional votes, polls, and surveys.  This is what the results look like:


1) How does the change from Twitter to X affect public trust in the company? 


2) How will elimination of the bird logo affect the company’s image?


3) In the time since Elon Musk bought it, as a social media company Twitter is _______? 


4) What are the ODDS this re-branding will reverse the recent decline in Twitter traffic? 


For more information about the Swarm software platform and how Swarm AI can be applied to the issues you care about, check out this link.