From INVERSE: Americans Agree on Self-Driving Cars With One Big Exception


LinkAmericans Agree on Self-Driving Cars With One Big Exception

It’s likely a matter of time before self-driving cars rule the road, with the first fully autonomous vehicles potentially hitting the market before 2020. The advent of cars that drive themselves will mean a major rethink of everything we think we know about driving, from our laws to our cultural expectations of what it even means to be inside a car. It won’t be an easy adjustment. Here’s the good news: According to new research shared with Inverse, Americans are more ready than you might expect for the age of driverless cars — with one or two big exceptions.

Australia’s National Transport Commission got the ball rolling on these issues in a big way earlier this month when it released this report suggesting — with a few caveats — that the occupants of self-driving cars should be exempt from DUI laws.

To better understand the average American outlook on these questions, the company Unanimous A.I. created a hive mind. Instead of a traditional poll — one of which last month found Americans are still uneasy around self-driving cars — Unanimous A.I. instead uses what’s known as swarm intelligence to bring people together and have them make a group decision on a topic. Let’s take a look at an example from this research, in which the participants were asked: “An occupant in a fully automated self-driving car is best described as ___?”

Read the feature on Inverse: 

Americans Agree on Self-Driving Cars With One Big Exception

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