How Can You Tell if Someone’s Lying? Ask a Swarm AI

Swarm AI Amplifies Social Intelligence Over Humans Working Alone

Researchers at Unanimous A.I. have just completed a study of our Swarm A.I.’s ability to amplify Social Intelligence. Our findings will be presented at the Future Technologies Conference this fall.

From Inverse: How Can You Tell if Someone’s Lying?

Scientists have long studied collective intelligence in animals, but now San Francisco tech firm Unanimous A.I. is putting collective decision-making technology in the hands of humans. And what’s more, they’re using human swarms to successfully detect deceit. As outlined in a paper presented at the Future Technologies Conference, Unanimous A.I., along with University of Oxford cognition researcher Niccolo Pescetelli, harnessed human swarm technology to detect fake smiles. They found that, working together, humans were wrong about whether a smile was real or fake about half as often as when working alone.

“We’ve done a lot of work that shows that humans, when you amplify their intelligence as a swarm, can get significantly smarter,” Rosenberg tells Inverse. “The one thing that we hadn’t looked at was, well, in addition to analytical intelligence, what about social intelligence? Does forming a swarm of humans also amplify our social intelligence?”

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