MLB Swarm Posts 12-3 Record, Scoring 4x Return on Investment

Friday’s MLB Swarm once again delivered on the promise of our Swarm AI technology, posting a 12-3 record and some even more impressing returns on investment. As is always the case in these situations, it’s important not only pick winners at a good rate ( and 80% is an exceptional one ) but also to know which games to avoid. Here again the MLB Swarm AI offered remarkable guidance.

The chart below shows the swarm’s picks on August 18thThe swarm labeled three teams – the Dodgers, Indians and Washington as “Best Bets,” and all three teams won handily. In fact, the closest game was a 3-run Dodgers victory, while the Indians and Nationals won by 9 and 6 runs, respectively. In contrast, of the Swarm’s 3 incorrect predictions, 2 were labeled “High Risk or Inconclusive,” warning potential bettors to stay far away.

What can you do with that kind of guidance? Many people in the baseball swarm community reported huge winnings. One lucky bettor turned a $12 four team parlay ( including the Best Bets and the Cardinals ) into $50, a return of 4x. Another who sent us his betting slips used the swarm’s recommendations to make a series of smaller parlay bets on the Best Bets that all paid off, turning $40 into $110, for a Return on Investment of 166%!

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