Swarming MLB: AI Picks for August 18th

It’s no secret that in the 2017 season, baseballs are almost literally flying out of major league parks across the country every night. Fans seem to be just fine with the offensive explosion this year, as attendance is up around the league. To be sure, a slugger crushing a baseball 450 feet can be one of the most exciting plays in the game, but there’s still something almost artistic about watching a great pitcher work, too.

This week’s UNU Baseball Swarm is considering a slate of games that offer a great deal for pitching enthusiasts. Friday night’s ballgames feature Max Scherzer, Dallas Keuchel, Cory Kluber, and R. A. Dickey, all past Cy Young Award winners. When the swarm considers games in which these hurlers are pitching, we’ve noticed that the prediction tends to go their way, with considerable confidence. Clearly, our swarmers believe the baseball adage that good pitching beats good hitting.


As we mentioned earlier, one game that features some strong pitching is the Washington Nationals game in San Diego, facing the Padres. Max Scherzer continues to lead the NL Cy Young race this season, and tonight the stars seem aligned in his favor: the Padres are a bit lacking offensively, and Scherzer opposes them in a big, pitching-friendly ballpark. The Nationals seem to be managing just fine here in the second half of the season, even with Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Stephen Strasburg out with injuries. Tonight the swarm made this game their best bet, pick of the night.



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