Swarming MLB: AI Picks for September 1st

On September 1st each year, baseball rosters expand from 25 players to 40 and clubs around the major leagues take full advantage of this by calling up some of their best minor league performers to The Show. For teams still contending for a playoff spot, this is a chance to add some depth for the stretch run. Teams out of contention can get a preview of young prospects in their talent pipeline by seeing how they fare against major league competition. And teams that are comfortably qualified for the postseason can use their youngsters as a way to rest key players before the start of the post-season.

This week’s chart is a fascinating one, because the swarm provided a full spectrum of hypothetical betting confidences on the various games. The swarm chose the Dodgers facing the Padres in San Diego as their pick of the night and made it a full $100 hypothetical wager. That confidence comes from Los Angeles getting Clayton Kershaw back from a month-long stint on the disabled list, as well as the return of rookie slugger Cody Bellinger to the Dodger lineup.

At the bottom end of the chart we have the swarm expressing a $0 confidence game, in the matchup that pits the Angels against the Rangers down in Texas. If you look at the replay below, you can see how conflicted and divided the UNU MLB Swarm was on this game, before finally deciding to go with the home team. The $0 confidence they then expressed on that game fits perfectly with the shaky consensus and lack of cohesion the swarm showed in making the pick.

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