Swarming MLB: AI Goes 10 for 10 in Predicting Baseball Playoffs


Last year, a swarm composed of Boston Globe readers used our Swarm AI platform to pull off a remarkable feat of predictive intelligence when they accurately named 9 out of 10 MLB playoff teams, the last 8 teams standing, the two World Series teams, and the eventual champion Chicago Cubs. This year, our MLB Swarm is doing even better. With the MLB playoffs just a few hours away, a group of baseball fans using our Swarm AI platform managed to predict every single winner and wildcard. Below you can see the results of that swarm, held on August 23rd.

MLB Swarm Finishes 100 Games over .500 During the Regular Season

With the closing of baseball’s marathon regular season, this is also an opportune time to take a look back at the MLB Swarm’s performance over the last year. As readers of this blog know well, the reason we run our MLB Swarms consistently throughout the season is not to beat up on Vegas, but rather to study and improve our ability to amplify the intelligence of groups. With that said, six weeks into the season, our MLB Swarm was hovering around .500 with a 74-79 record in picking winners. After that, with some rethinking of how we presented games to the swarm ( and, of course, with more solid information about the teams now available ) the MLB Swarm finished out the season on a remarkable 340-236 streak, resulting in an overall record for the season of 99 games over .500 at 414-315.

Finally, as we often say in this pages, discretion is the better part of predictive intelligence. That’s why we label the swarm’s most confident games as Best Bets. After the early rethinking, those Best Bets improved to 65% accuracy, meaning that two out of every three games the swarm felt confident in ended up winning. That’s in contrast to the High Risk games, which came in just above a coin flip at 51%. In other words, not only did our Swarm AI technology allow groups to accurately predict 2/3 of the games in which they felt confident over the course of a season, it also empowered them to stay away from the matchups which ultimately were tossups. That’s the true power of Swarm Intelligence.

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