Swarming MLB: AI Picks for the Wildcard Playoffs

Baseball purists may deride the presence of a wildcard playoff game in the MLB postseason, but the excitement these games provide is undeniable. Win and you’re in, lose and your club is booking tee times for the next day. And although the single-game elimination format puts the wildcard teams at a competitive disadvantage in future playoff rounds, the 2014 San Francisco Giants managed to make it work and win a World Series.

In tonight’s game, the upstart Twins travel to Yankee Stadium to face the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees are heavy favorites tonight and played very well down the stretch in late September. The swarm predicts they’ll dispatch Minnesota. Of the two wildcard games, this is the one that we’d mark as a high-confidence pick. Our group put close to $60 up as a hypothetical betting confidence for the game.

Tomorrow night, NL West division rivals Colorado and Arizona face off in the desert. The Rockies looked a little shaky in the final weeks of the season, and the swarm seemed to like tried-and-true Zack Greinke to lead the Snakes to a win. The confidence is a little shakier in this matchup, and this is the kind of result we typically put up with a caution flag.


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