Swarming the NBA: AI Picks for November 7th

It’s been an interesting season so far in the NBA, one that feels like we’re still waiting for teams to really find their true levels. That presents a unique challenge to the weekly hoops swarm; they have to make their predictions based on expectations that some team have not played up – or in some cases down – to. Today our swarm of basketball fans had a solid slate of 10 games to predict, and here’s what they came up with.

Although there have been teams in The Association this year that have failed to play to expectations, at the top of our chart today are two teams that have performed pretty closely to what observers expected. The swarm made the Thunder their pick of the night even playing on the road. Sacramento is still in rebuilding mode and the Thunder have their eyes on a deep playoff run this season. The swarm assigned this game a high hypothetical wager, as well as a 90% Brainpower on a high confidence pick.


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