Swarming Vegas: AI Hits Perfect 11 for 11 Weekend in NFL & EPL



Here at Unanimous AI, we run a lot of weekly swarms. Between the NHL, NBA, NFL and EPL, we ask our Swarm AI platform to generate insight and intelligence across a broad range of sporting events, and we demand that we not only forecast winners, but also self-assess their confidence in each pick. Good forecasting, as we say often, involves both insight into outcomes, but also the awareness to know when no insight is available. With that in mind, it’s exciting when our swarms show good judgment, and even more rewarding ( no pun intended ) when the participants turn those insights into cold, hard cash.

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted the successes of every swarm at one point or another, culminating in last week’s perfect NBA SwarmBut, this weekend, we have to highlight our football swarms on both sides of the pond simultaneously. Both the NFL and EPL Swarms nailed all of their High Confidence picks over the weekend, and some lucky members of the swarm have the betting slips to prove it.

First, here is a slip sent in by a member of the NFL Swarm, who placed a six team parlay based on the swarm’s High Confidence picks. If you look at the AI Picks for Week 15, you’ll notice that this individual chose to include the six highest confidence games in his parlay for a tidy 240% Return on Investment. But, with one High Confidence game still to play, another member of the NFL Swarm has a seven team parlay still in play. Monday Night Football should be an exciting one…

UPDATE: Falcon Win Finishes 7 Team Parlay for 380% Return on Investment 

With the Falcons’ 24-21 victory over the Bucs, the 7 team parlay is officially a winner, and the adventurous member of the NFL swarm who placed that bet won $76 on a $20 wager, for a 380% Return. Moreover, that victory means that between the EPL and the NFL, the Swarm was a perfect 11 for 11 on its High Confidence predictions over the weekend. You can see that wager at the bottom of this blog post, below the signup button.

Not to be outdone [Update: outdone slightly], the EPL Swarm produced an even higher payout with fewer teams. On Friday, we published the swarm’s picks for Week 18 of the EPL season, and four teams were picked to win with High Confidence: Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. As savvy readers of this blog have guessed, all four High Confidence picks won, and one fortunate member of the EPL Swarm was rewarded with a 300% Return on Investment.

Of course, the purpose of our Swarm AI technology is not to put Vegas out of business. But, the heavy workload of predictions that we challenge our weekly swarms to shoulder is helping our researchers improve our technology, and clearly our swarms show no signs of slowing down.

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