Phase I

On April 3, 2016 (3-4 PM EST) an online Q&A will occur that’s unlike any ever done before.  It will follow a typical “Ask Me Anything” (AMA)  format where questions are asked to an individual, who provides responses in real-time.  What makes this AMA so unique is that the individual answering will be a Swarm Intelligence comprised of dozens of online users thinking together in unison.

Modeled after swarms in nature, this unique method fosters an “emergent intelligence” by tapping the knowledge, emotions, and instincts of groups in real time.  Governed by swarming algorithms, these collective systems have been shown in prior research to make predictions that exceed the accuracy of individuals.  Furthermore, recent research shows that swarming does not just amplify intelligence, it promotes moral decisions.

On April 3, the Swarm will answer questions, like – Will A.I. save us or enslave us?  Much has been written on this topic, but now we can ask a unique form of intelligence to reflect in real-time.  The session will be hosted by award winning neuroscientist and host of the Discovery Channel series Superhuman Showdown, Dr Heather Berlin.  The goal is to uncover unique insights. After all, who better to ponder these issues than an emergent A.I.

Want to be part of the Swarm for this experiment?   We are looking for a diverse group of participants who have an interest in futurology and who are willing to spend about 45 minutes helping the swarm answer the questions posed.  Participation is easy, and open to users from all around the world.  You would simply login to the swarming platform known as UNU at the designated time and help the swarm converge on answers.  Here’s an example:

Most Important Issue (2-2-16)

What you see above is a real-time human swarm, users from around the world answering a question in synchrony.  Each user controls one of the displayed magnets from any personal computer.

Want to join the “Surviving A.I.” Experiment?   Terrific, just fill out the form below and we’ll send you get you on the list and send you instructions for how to participate.  It should fun, fascinating, and hopefully yield unique insights about the future.