Sportspicker AI predicts the NBA Finals

After a grueling regular season and three arduous rounds of the Playoffs, the NBA Finals are here. Game 1 between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics is tonight!

Of course, Sportspicker AI has predictions for the NBA Finals series.  We generate all of our forecasts using Swarm technology from Unanimous AI to make super-accurate assessments, leading to great picks.

So how good is it? Well, it turns out that Sportspicker AI was 56% accurate predicting the NBA regular season games against the spread with a record of 141-91-6.

That might not sound that impressive. BUT when you realize that the average bettor is around 50% accurate and loses money AND that best-in-class handicappers are about 55% accurate, you see that this was better than 96% of bettors! The chart below shows a distribution of the expected accuracy of bettors. We use a Handicapper Benchmark of 55% and show that our record for the regular season above that.

Subscribers were very pleased with this. And why wouldn’t they be? If someone simply bet $100 per “pick rating unit” recommend by the AI system on each of our picks, the final profit for the season was +$8,374. This was much better than the average bettor which would have lost $2,608 by the end of the season on equally sized bets as us. It was also a bit better than the Handicapper Benchmark (55% accuracy on average), which finished the season with a profit of $7,866. The chart below shows these results over the course of the season.

So… for the prediction of the NBA Finals, we asked the Swarm AI system. And it picked the Golden State Warriors to be the NBA Champions.


The swarm believes they will win in 5 or 6 games, but leaning toward 6 games.

So what’s the take away? Well, the numbers don’t lie. It’s pretty clear that using an AI for optimized betting intelligence is pretty smart. If you want to check out Sportspicker AI for yourself, you can check out the website HERE.


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