Swarm AI: The Next Frontier in Predicting Marketing Outcomes

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Read the story here: Augmented Human Intelligence – the Next Frontier in Predicting Marketing Outcomes

By Natalie Monbiot,  Head of Futures, Starcom USA

Human-powered AI, inspired by nature, could reinvent how we predict marketing and business outcomes. It could enable us to effectively augment human intelligence to project how consumers will respond to various strategies and which have the most potential to drive behavior change. It puts consumer experience firmly at the core of marketing strategy. It could also mean that the fields of science ( data ) and art ( intuition ) are no longer two distinct sides to an agency’s competency, but . merged to a more peer-based approach to strategic decision-making.

In the world of advertising, we like to predict which media strategies and combination of tactics will result in the greatest business impact. We do this by modeling marketing performance against data against sales, or other business metrics. The trouble with these models is that the data employed is limited to what’s available, which is mostly based on an extreme over-simplification of human behavior ( exposure, click-through rates, etc). So while providing useful logic to kick off channel selection and budget allocation, this approach comes with significant caveats.

Instead, what if we could build systems, not of simplified people, based on fragments of past behavior, but of people in all their complexity, in real-time, to provide a more accurate predictor of human behavior, and as a consequence, of business outcomes. This is the potential of an emergent field called Swarm AI, a system that models and augments human intelligence…

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Augmented Human Intelligence – The Next Frontier in Predicting Marketing Outcomes

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