Swarm Intelligence Predicts Nyquist will win the Derby

If you’re looking for a way to put some of your hard-earned cash at risk, today is your day. All eyes in the sporting – and gambling – world will be on Churchill Downs for the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. But how do you handicap a race with nearly 20 of the best horses in the world?

As Tech Republic notes, you could ask “Jimmy Fallon’s puppies [who] took a stab at it—and correctly predicted the winner, American Pharoah. Or, you could rely on the experts from the Bleacher Report. Maybe you want to study up on your own, or see which horses are looking good that day. But there’s another method, and it may be better than all the others: Artificial intelligence.”

UNU’s new form of Artificial Swarm Intelligence allows groups of people to pool their collective wisdom in real-time to make predictions and reach decisions. And, as Tech Republic says, these swarms have been “remarkably accurate in the past, predicting winners for the Super Bowl, Oscars, and even predicting how political candidates would perform in the primaries.”

So, who does UNU think will win the Kentucky Derby?  Unlike many of the experts, the Swarm seems to think that trainer Doug O’Neill will win his second Derby later this afternoon.


“The UNU swarm intelligence seemed to strongly favor Nyquist for the win, maintaining conviction in that pick even after an unfavorable post position was announced,” said Louis Rosenberg, CEO of UNU. “Of course it’s horse racing, so there’s no such thing as a sure thing.”

UNU’s predicted order for the top four is:

1. Nyquist
2. Exaggerator
3. Gun Runner
4. Mohaymen

At the time of this writing, Nyquist pays 3-1 to win. See you at the sportsbook. 

If you want to be part of a swarm, try UNU now by click here: UNU.