UNU’s Major League Baseball Picks for Tuesday, May 16

For the next month or so, the Major League Baseball schedule will feature a large number of interleague games interspersed with regular divisional battles. Those matchups between American and National League teams are important to MLB clubs, because they provide a yardstick to help front offices and managers fully assess how well (or how poorly) their teams are playing this season.

The yardstick factor of interleague games also presents a unique challenge the UNU Baseball Swarm. Swarm participants have to think about whether the won-loss records of various teams in the season to date have been affected by playing a lot of games against inordinately strong (or weak) divisional competition early in the year. These are tough questions even for baseball experts to consider, but UNU’s ability to amplify intelligence can turn a swarm of baseball fans into super-experts and lead to some solid prediction.

This week an interleague matchup is one that the swarm places its highest level of confidence in. The Houston Astros, on a rocket ride through the first six weeks of the season, take on the Miami Marlins. Logically, it’s to be expected that at some point the Astros will slow down a bit…but will that happen tonight?

The answer from the swarm is a pretty definitive “No.” 2015 American League Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel is pitching for Houston, and whatever bothered him in a middling 2016 season seems to be in the rearview mirror: the Houston hurler is among the league leaders in wins and ERA. He and his team have been dominant, and the UNU Baseball Swarm thinks that will continue at least for tonight.

Every week during the MLB season, Unanimous A.I. will be conducting swarms to pick the outcomes of games. If you’d like to either join a swarm or just get the predictions weekly, feel free to drop us a line below