UNU Picks the Final Four in the NBA Playoffs

Last month, Unanimous A. I. convened a swarm of basketball fans and asked them to predict the outcome of the NBA playoffs. That group was incredibly prescient. They picked 11 of the 12 playoff series correctly, in many cases even nailing the number of games in a series. Although all four teams picked by that swarm advanced to the final four, Unanimous A. I. wanted to see whether the swarm still felt the way it did back in April.

As you can see, the UNU NBA Swarm remains convinced we’ll see a rematch of the 2016 finals this year, with Cleveland and Golden State on a collision course. San Antonio is in a tough spot, forced to play at least the second game of the series with Golden State minus the services of Kawhi Leonard who was injured in game one. Cleveland faces a scrappy Boston team that has played better than the sum of its parts… but the swarm thinks that magic ends now. Lebron James and company are just too much to handle.

If the swarm is right about the Conference Finals, that sets up an epic rematch for the championship. Last year the Cavs shocked the Warriors, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to bring a championship back to Cleveland. This year, the Warriors seem to be focused and intent on reversing that result. They’ve added a superstar talent in Kevin Durant to take the pressure off Steph Curry, and this week’s swarm agrees with last month’s: Golden State will be the 2017 NBA champs.



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