UNU Baseball Picks for 9/7

It’s game time! 

For those new to this blog, UNU predicts all the MLB games twice per week.  Our track-record has been just shy of astonishing, with picks that have been 65% correct since we started this experiment in tapping the intelligence of groups for baseball predictions.

Below you will find the UNU Baseball Swarm’s Picks for September 7th. If you’d like to join the Swarm, just drop me a line HERE.

Thanks as always to everyone who joined us for last night’s UNU Baseball prediction Swarm!  The games below are sorted first by the Swarm’s prediction for how competitive they would be, and then by how confidence and decisive the Swarm was in their prediction.

The results are also sorted by Brainpower, although I would encourage you to watch each games replay for insight into how the Swarm arrived at its prediction. For example, lower brainpower could reflect a toss-up between the two teams, or it could mean that the Swarm couldn’t decide whether a particular team would win by “a lot” or “a little.”

We continue to fine-tune our understanding of Brainpower, and so you’ll notice that we’re again steering clear of any Moneyline game below 75% Brainpower.  Here’s a look at the replay from last night’s most confident Swarm.  David Price has won his last 5 starts, and was a winner as the Swarm’s most confident pick at the end of last week. Can he continue to roll?

Bos by a lot 9-7

This should go without saying, but if you’re going to bet on baseball – or anything else, for that matter – be smart about it. UNU has a pretty good track record, but baseball is notoriously difficult to predict.

Without further ado, here are the Swarm’s picks for September 7th…

———- By a Lot ———-

BOS: D Price (L) 14-8, 3.92 at SD: J Cosart (R) 0-2, 5.14
Boston Red Sox by a lot – Brainpower 86%

KC: D Duffy (L) 11-2, 3.13 at MIN: K Gibson (R) 5-9, 5.31
Kansas City Royals by a lot – Brainpower 83%

CHC: M Montgomery (L) 4-5, 2.80 at MIL: M Garza (R) 5-6, 4.57
Chicago Cubs by a lot – Brainpower 81%

ATL:Foltynewicz (R) 8-5, 4.31 at WSH: Strasburg (R) 15-4, 3.59
Washington Nationals by a lot – Brainpower 80%

————– By a Little —————

PHI: Hellickson (R) 10-8, 3.88 at MIA: Cashner (R) 4-11, 5.00
Philadelphia Phillies by a little – Brainpower 89%

BAL: D Bundy (R) 8-5, 3.47 at TB: D Smyly (L) 6-11, 4.94
Baltimore O’s by a little – Brainpower  84%

STL: M Leake (R) 9-9, 4.56 at PIT: J Taillon (R) 3-4, 3.25
Pittsburgh Pirates by a little – Brainpower 84%

NYM: N Syndergaard (R) 12-8, 2.56 at CIN: A DeSclafani (R) 8-2
New York Mets by a little – Brainpower 78%

TOR: M Stroman (R) 9-6, 4.58 at NYY: B Mitchell (R)
Toronto Blue Jays by a little – Brainpower 77%

———- By a Little ( less than 75% BP ) ——–

LAA: A Meyer (R) 0-1, 12.27 at OAK: J Cotton (R)
Oakland Athletics by a little – Brainpower 70%

ARI: R Ray (L) 7-12, 4.46 at LAD: B Stewart (R) 0-2, 7.94
LA Dodgers by a little – Brainpower 68%

DET: A Sanchez (R) 7-13, 5.70 at CHW: J Quintana (L) 11-10, 3.05
Chicago White Sox by a little – Brainpower 64%

——— Too Close to Call ———-

TEX: A Griffin (R) 7-3, 4.41 at SEA: A Miranda (L) 2-1, 5.76
Too Close to Call

SF: A Suarez (R) 3-3, 4.29 at COL: J De La Rosa (L) 8-7, 4.88
Too Close to Call

HOU: D Fister (R) 12-10, 3.91 at CLE: C Carrasco (R) 10-7, 3.06
Too Close to Call




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