Apple iPhone 7 Launch – Swarm Reveals Public to be Apathetic

As any Apple Fanboy worth their salt will tell you, September 7 is a big day for the tech giant. Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone (iPhone 7), a new Apple Watch, and more. The Verge, Mashable, Engadget and many others have already speculated on what to expect from the announcement. Researchers at Unanimous A.I. wanted to go a step further and find out what public sentiment is from Apple Fans.

Past research by Unanimous A.I. has used Swarm Intelligence to gauge sentiment on topics ranging from U.S. Presidential candidates to self-driving cars. Swarms have not only be accurate, but sometimes ahead of the trend in being a proxy for overall public sentiment. For example, earlier this year, Swarms were prescient in detecting the popularity of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, long before most pundits took them seriously.

As for the Apple announcement, perhaps the most controversial rumor is that the iPhone 7 will do away with its headphone jack, in favor of headphones that use the lightning port or go completely wireless. Researchers asked a Swarm Intelligence its opinion on that change. 

apple earbuds

As you can see, the Swarm Intelligence expressed a strong interest in the rumored “Airpods,” believed to be a new wireless earbud from Apple. However, the same Swarm was strongly against the idea of eliminating the headphone jack, as many are speculating will happen.

headphone jack

The Apple Watch is also rumored to be getting a complete update, as Apple focuses in on making it less of a communications device and more of a Fitness Watch. However, researchers were somewhat surprised that Apple fans had almost zero interest in it.

apple watch

All in all, the Unanimous A.I. researchers found interest in the Apple announcement somewhat less than in past years. So they probed to find out their sentiment about Apple’s “strength” in innovation.

apple lost step

Given the track record of Swarm Intelligence, Cupertino might be wise to listen. Interested in swarming yourself? It’s fun and free, so can give it a try here.