Swarming the NHL: Hockey Hat Trick Nets 1,570% Return

It didn’t take long for the first AI-powered parlay of the year to hit. On January 2nd, a Swarm AI system powered by a group of hockey fans registered a set of NHL predictions that turned out to be incredibly lucrative for some members of the swarm. Those picks, published on the Unanimous AI blog and recreated below went a solid 8-4, but as always, the overall record doesn’t tell the whole story.

As you can see in the chart below, the NHL Swarm’s picks were sorted by relative confidence. Here the “bet” is theoretical, a method that allows Unanimous researchers to measure the conviction and confidence of the Swarm AI system in each prediction and sort the guidance accordingly. This ranking is important because it mimics one of the key principles of so-called “superforecasting,” in that this confidence highlights where the AI is reflecting real insight, and where no advantage can be gained. 

A few members of the NHL Swarm took that chart to heart, placing three team parlays on the three High Confidence picks, the Golden Knights, the Mighty ducks, and the Lightning. When the final whistle blew, those three teams had won their matchups by a combined 10 goals to 0. Simply wagering on those teams to win produced a 4x parlay for one lucky member of the NHL Swarm, but others decided to take the Swarm AI’s confidence at face value, wagering that both the Ducks and Lightning would win by 2 or more goals, and both teams delivered. That High Confidence hat trick was rewarded with a staggering 1,570% Return on Investment. 



As you can see, that sort of return transforms $15 into over $260. Another member of the NHL Swarm won a similar parlay with slightly different odds, turning $20 into $300. These results are just the latest demonstration of the power of Swarm Intelligence. Thanks to everyone who participated in our NHL Swarm, as you’re helping Unanimous prove that any group can become a super-expert if we learn to work together the ways swarms do in nature.



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