Inside AI: An Interview with Dr. Rosenberg delivers highly curated news in their excellent daily newsletters. It should come as no surprise that the Inside AI daily briefing is a popular read here at Unanimous, so we were happy to have Dr. Rosenberg sit down with Inside AI to discuss our most recent research.From Inside AI: 

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Louis Rosenberg from  about their “Swarm AI” technology, which has so far had some pretty impressive results.

In a season-long test of the Swarm AI’s ability to forecast NBA games, researchers found that swarms were able to easily beat Vegas betting markets with a 25% Return on Investment. By using a deep neural network to determine only which games would be most profitable, that ROI more than doubled to 57%.

Inside AI: What does Unanimous do, and how did the company originate?

Dr. Rosenberg: While most AI companies are working to replace human intelligence with AI algorithms, Unanimous AI amplifies human intelligence by connecting networked groups of people together into super-intelligence systems.  In layman’s terms, we build “hive minds” by connecting group of people together in real-time, moderated by AI algorithms, enabling them to converge on solutions that are significantly more accurate than the individuals could do on their own.  

Our technology is called Swarm AI because it’s modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence – the phenomenon that enables flocking birds, schooling fish, and swarming bees to be significantly smarter together than alone.  We have empowered networked human groups to achieve the same thing by connecting together online, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. 

“We believe we’ve just scratched the surface of how smart these systems can be.”
– Dr. Louis Rosenberg

If you want to see the entire interview with Inside AI, head HERE.



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Unanimous AI pioneers innovative technologies to amplify the intelligence of business teams, combining the power of AI with the depth of human knowledge, wisdom and insight. Its Swarm AI technology is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies around the world for a wide range of applications, from forecasting sales to optimizing marketing campaigns.  In 2018, Swarm AI was recognized as SXSW’s “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year.” For more about Unanimous AI, see the TED talk, “Hope for Humans in an AI World” or visit

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