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"… Amplifies human abilities, turning groups
into super-experts."

"...pioneered a new form of AI"

"A better way to tap our collective intelligence"

"might be the best way to solve the
worlds biggest problems"

"… a breakthrough technology."

"… could revolutionize democracy"

Best AI Technology
SXSW Innovation Awards, 2018

"some of the most accurate predictions
racing has ever seen"

2017 Winner:

"more accurate results than traditional polls"

" ingenious tool..."

"… on the cutting edge of group decision-making."

"makes groups of people smarter"

"… the implications could be profound."

"… mighty impressive, to say the least."

"Swarms win where polls fail."

"… can deliver results with remarkable accuracy."

"brings different perspectives together into council"

Swarm Makes Teams Smarter

Swarm is the world's first AI platform that amplifies the intelligence of networked business teams, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and insights.

Built using our award-winning Swarm AI technology, the Swarm platform empowers any group to maximize their combined knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions.

Rooted in deep science, Swarm employs the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence – the process that allows flocks of birds, schools of fish, and swarms of bees to reach optimal decisions with remarkable efficiency.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the globe, Swarm is an easy to use platform that is accessible using any standard web browser.

Business Teams use Swarm to quickly generate optimized forecasts, amplifying their combined intelligence using the power of Swarm AI.

Market Researchers use Swarm to generate AI-optimized insights from any population, generating more accurate results than polls, surveys or focus groups.

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Two Powerful Solutions. One Swarm Platform

By combining the power of AI with real-time human knowledge, wisdom, insights and intuition, Swarm dramatically amplifies the intelligence of any business team or consumer group.

Swarm being used on a computer

Swarm amplifies the combined knowledge and wisdom of any business team, enabling you to quickly generate optimized forecasts, decisions, prioritizations, and assessments.

  • More Accurate Forecasting
  • Optimized Prioritization
  • Superior Decision Making
  • Precise Assessments
  • Rigorous Trade-off Analysis
  • Improved Planning
  • Refined Scheduling
  • Amplified Predictive Intelligence

Swarm combines the power of AI with the depth of real-time customer feedback, providing more accurate and actionable insights than traditional methods in a fraction of the time.
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Product Evaluations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Message Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Feature Analysis
  • A/B Testing

Used By

Some customers that use Swarm, including Stanford, Deloitte, Constellation Brands, FritoLay, Edelman, the Miami Heat, WPP, Red Bull Media House, America's Navy, Xprize, Kantar, the University of Oxford, CredtSuisse, and CNN

Validated Results

Case Studies

Customer Logos, including XPRIZE, Disrupt, and Credit Suisse
Our customer success stories include some of the top enterprises in the world. From sales forecasting and strategic decision-making, to competitive assessments and consumer insights - Swarm enables teams to generate AI-optimized insights that help their businesses outperform. Browse our case studies for ideas on how your team can use Swarm.

Academic Studies

University Logos, including Stanford, MIT Media Lab, and the University of Oxford
Swarm makes teams smarter, as shown by over 20 published studies. Stanford University showed that by using Swarm, medical teams can reduce diagnostic errors by over 30%. Oxford University showed that teams of financial traders using swarm could increase the accuracy of their forecasts by over 20%. See our publications page for the full list.