Unanimous AI
Unanimous AI

We Amplify Intelligence

"Using Swarm Intelligence might be the best way to solve the world's biggest problems."

"The best way to get multiple humans to agree on something, so far, for us, has been the swarm."

"Best AI Technology, SXSW Innovation Awards 2018"

"...pioneered a new form of AI"

"some of the most accurate predictions racing has ever seen"

2017 Winner:

"more accurate results than traditional polls"

"...an ingenious tool..."

"A better way to tap our collective intelligence"

"… on the cutting edge of group decision-making."

"… a breakthrough technology."

"… could revolutionize democracy"

"makes groups of people smarter"

"… the implications could be profound."

"… Amplifies human abilities, turning groups into super-experts."

"… mighty impressive, to say the least."

"swarms win where poll fail."

"… can deliver results with remarkable accuracy."

"Unanimous AI is revolutionizing how it brings different perspectives together into council"