Swarming MLB: AI Picks for June 15th

Much of the talk in Major League Baseball this season has centered around the alarming rate at which hitters are striking out. Indeed, many baseball purists have fretted that the game is reducing itself to its “three true outcomes” – home runs, walks, and strikeouts – while base hits, gap power, speed and strategy have become devalued. Whether that’s true or not, strikeouts are up, players are still hitting the ball a long way, and the weekly Baseball Swarm has to be able to parse all of those trends when making its picks.

The swarm’s only high confidence picks for tonight revolve around pitchers who are taking advantage of free-swinging trend in hitting. Both Charlie Morton (who faces the Royals tonight for Houston) and Corey Kluber (who goes for Cleveland at home against Minnesota) are fanning opposing hitters left and right. Perhaps based on the competition, however, the swarm made Morton and the Astros their pick of the night.

Fair to say that although the swarm liked Corey Kluber’s chances against the Twins this evening, they absolutely loved Morton and the Astros against the Royals. The replay shows what amounts to a near-unanimous consensus pulling the puck to Houston’s side of the hex. Then perhaps just as impressively, the swarm’s magnets rapidly form into a bloc that takes this prediction to a high confidence 2-run win forecast.

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