Swarming the NBA: AI Picks for November 1st

The offseason summer months that preceded the 2017-2018 NBA season were some of the craziest in years. There was the blockbuster trade between Cleveland and Boston and Melo leaving New York for Oklahoma City. There were also a host of slightly smaller deals that were no less impactful. The upshot of all that in the first few weeks of NBA play has been interesting to watch. There are a few teams clustered at the bottom of both conference standings, and a few clustered at the top as well. But in the middle, there are a host of teams with three or four wins that still seem to be trying to find themselves.

The weekly NBA Swarm this week had to sort out a whole lot of these teams that are currently hovering right around the .500 mark. Surely Cleveland is better than their record? And just as surely, Brooklyn will have reality set in, right? Maybe those things happen soon, maybe they happen later, or even not at all. Regardless, here’s how the NBA Swarm predicts tonight’s games.


The swarm’s top pick tonight is the Boston Celtics hosting the Sacramento Kings. Despite the Celts losing Gordon Hayward in the season opener to that horrific ankle injury, they’ve played well and currently sit atop the Eastern Conference with a 5-2 record. The Kings, meanwhile, have been about as bad as their fans feared they might be, at 1-6. The swarm started off by predicting Boston with high confidence and strong Brainpower. They then assigned this game a big $80 hypothetical wagering confidence. And finally, they chose this matchup as their pick of the night and that puts it at the top of our table.


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