Swarming the NBA: AI Picks for Week 8


The weekly swarm of NBA fans convened by Unanimous AI to predict NBA games got off to a slow start this year. Through three weeks of the season, their predictions were treading water at a .500 level. Since then, however, the swarm is an eye-popping 33-9 across 42 games in the previous four weeks. That includes a recent 26-6 run where every single game the swarm placed into the highest-confidence tier was a winner, including last week’s contribution to an amazing run of success across all sports.

Can the NBA Swarm keep up this blistering pace? Tonight’s NBA matchups feature some intriguing contests that put the group to a test. In the end, this is how they predicted tonight’s games.

The defending Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers stumbled mightily out of the gate this season, and their struggles helped contribute to the swarm’s early difficulties. In their last 12 games, however, the Cavs are undefeated, and host a struggling Sacramento club tonight.

The swarm applied every metric you want to see for a high-confidence prediction here. There’s high Brain Power and almost unanimity in the magnets pulling for Cleveland. The swarm assigned its maximum betting confidence as well. And, when asked to consider, the swarm chose the Cavs (over the Celtics) as its pick of the night.

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