Swarming the NFL: AI Picks for Week 13

The passing of the Thanksgiving Holiday means that for NFL teams, crunch time is at hand. The last five weeks of the season is the time when playoff dreams either flower into reality or die on the vine. For the league’s few elite-level clubs, there’s no less a sense of urgency, as a playoff bye week and home field advantage can be key elements to postseason success. The weekly NFL football fans swarm – fresh off a 12-4 record over the holiday weekend – jumped back in today with this set of predictions for the coming set of games.

The weekly swarm of NFL Fans is old enough to remember a time back in October when the Los Angeles Chargers were a league laughingstock at 0-4, playing in front of empty seats in a tiny soccer stadium. Seven weeks later, and no one’s laughing anymore. The Chargers now sit just a game out of first place in the AFC West, and they’re the swarm’s Pick of the Week as they host Cleveland. The combo of the Chargers strong Turkey Day win over Dallas and a matchup on Sunday with the winless Browns seems to have informed the swarm’s choice to a great extent. As you can see from the replay below, there’s high confidence, strong brainpower, and all the magnets pulling to the Los Angeles side of the hex.

As far as plays against the point spread goes, the swarm has that flavor of high-risk predictions covered as well.

Point spreads usually create some interesting-looking plays when that screen is applied to the swarm’s predictions, and week 13 is no exception. While we don’t do a “Pick of the Week” for spread predictions, the Green Bay pick is an interesting one. The swarm has seen the Packers play better in recent weeks, and perhaps noticed that they’re at home against Tampa on Sunday. The group thinks that the Packers will win by 4-6, which easily clears the -2 point spread currently placed on them for Sunday.


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