Swarming Vegas: AI Picks in NBA and EPL Win Big



This has been a contentious week between America and Great Britain, as the President’s working trip to the UK has been canceled in the wake of another controversial tweet. But, while our governments may be at odds, our weekly NBA and EPL swarms are engaged in a much more friendly rivalry.

This week, both swarms continued their red-hot runs through November. Up first this week is the English Premier League Swarm, which put out a set of picks on Tuesday that proved to be remarkably accurate.

How did those picks turn out? One lucky member of the EPL Swarm took three of the Best Bets and then, looking at the replays, swapped Tottenham out and included Liverpool, putting together a 4 team parlay that paid a 157% Return on Investment.


Not to be outdone, our NBA Swarm stepped up to the line on Wednesday on an incredible run. Over the past three weeks, the NBA Swarm is 27-6 across 33 games. The swarm’s picks that have landed in the top two confidence tiers are 15-3 across that span. All high confidence picks have won. Think about that for a second.

So, what happens when you bet the five Best Bets? One member of the swarm did exactly that and took home a tidy 133% Return on Investment. Even better, that same ambitious participant hit a two team parlay against the spread that paid 265%. Not bad at all…


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