Swarming the NHL: AI Picks for Week 22

If the long NHL season that started back in October is like a marathon, here in the first week of March it’s time for teams to ready their closing kicks to the finish line. Traditionally, it’s also a time where play around the league starts to transform into the more physical style that makes the NHL playoffs so exciting. Tonight, our weekly NHL swarm looks to improve back-to-back 5-4 weeks with this set of predictions.

Little surprise that the swarm made the streaking Boston Bruins their pick of the night over a rebuilding Detroit club. Rather than focus on the Bruins for the umpteenth time in the season’s second half, though, the swarm’s next most-confident prediction looks like an interesting one. They chose the surprising Winnipeg Jets in New York tonight against the fading Rangers at The Garden.

When New York sent Rick Nash to Boston at the trade deadline, it was a white flag and a clear signal that their management knows they’re heading for some serious retooling of their roster.  Thus, even though they’re playing at home, the swarm strongly favors their opponents as you can see above. The magnets – other than one die hard Rangers fan, perhaps – all form a rapid coalition to pull the puck to a Winnipeg 2+ goals win prediction. Combine that with their strong hypothetical wagering confidence, and this is a swarm forecast that’s nearly as confident as their top pick this evening.

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