Swarming the NBA: AI Picks for Week 21


The drive to the NBA postseason is underway and in full force, with teams in both conferences either trying to get into contention or improve their playoff seed prospects. In the Western Conference, for instance, have pity for the Utah Jazz. They’ve won 15 of their last 17 games…and remain stuck in 10th place still because everyone in front of them keeps on winning. They’re in action tonight, and the weekly NBA Swarm predicted their game and the other six on tonight’s schedule.

For its three most-confident picks this week, the NBA Swarm was truly spoiled for choice. Houston is looking to continue its 16-game win streak in Milwaukee, while the Pelicans look to extend their eight-game streak in Sacramento. For their best bet, though, the swarm group decided to go with Toronto, who plays just across the border in Detroit tonight.

After looking like a refreshed team for a week or two after the Blake Griffin trade in early February, the Pistons have trending in the wrong direction for a couple of weeks now. Tonight they host the first-place Raptors, and as the replay above shows, the swarm thinks this one’s a layup for Toronto. The consensus forms quickly and all but falls into formation for a high confidence prediction of a Toronto win away from home.

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