UNU NHL Faceoff: February 21, 2017

With an exciting NFL season come to an end, researchers at Unanimous AI are eager to turn their attention to NHL hockey season. This is a tremendous time of year for hockey fans, as teams jockey for position heading into the trade deadline and playoffs.

It’s an exciting time for UNU, too. Our sports predictions have been on a roll of late. UNU went 9-1 in the playoffs, and then not only picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, but the exact score as well! Our weekly picks in the always tumultuous English Premier League have resulted in back to back winning weeks, posting 7-3 and 6-4 records. UNU also does entertainment. An UNU Swarm picked five of seven major categories in Sunday’s Grammy Awards, besting professional critics and public opinion polls.

That’s why the research team at Unanimous AI is so enthusiastic about putting UNU to the test against NHL hockey games. UNU is starting things off by having a swarm predict the outcomes of this evening’s games. It’s a busy night in the National Hockey League, with 9 games that include some fascinating contests.

Sports books give players two different ways to bet on NHL games, and Unanimous AI took that into account when designing the questions for the UNU swarm earlier today. Any game can be played straight up – that is, you simply pick a winner or loser. All games, however, have a 1.5 goal spread as well. If you’re confident in the outcome, that’s a play to consider because it returns a higher yield on your risk.

Above, you can see how that works in practice. Tonight a deep Penguins team visits Carolina, and with the Pens nearly 30 points out in front of the struggling ‘Canes, our swarm decided to risk a spread play there. If you have any convictions that Pittsburgh will win that game, really that’s the smart way to play it, and UNU Swarms are very smart indeed.

Interestingly, though, that game might not be our strongest play of the night. UNU felt a great degree of confidence in two other games, the Rangers hosting Montreal, and Los Angeles visiting Colorado. Each week, Unanimous AI researchers ask the swarm for their best bet of the night, and UNU narrowed that down to the Rangers beating the Habs or the Kings taking a win on the road against the Avalanche. Here’s how that ended up:

UNU picked winners in all 9 of tonight’s games. You can see our results on the chart below. If you click it, you’ll be taken to a table that has clickable links so you can see how UNU decided every game.

If you’d like to join other hockey fans in future NHL prediction swarms, please drop us a line below. We’ll make sure to include you next week when we lace up the skates again.

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