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In 2018, Unanimous AI was awarded BEST IN SHOW at the SXSW Innovation Awards and we aim to bring our Swarm AI technology back to Austin for next year’s festival. Unanimous is committed to using the power of Swarm Intelligence to solve the biggest challenges, and so we’ve proposed a panel and a workshop on two of the most pressing topics in our society: building an ethical AI, and battling “Fake News.”

Voting for the 2019 SXSW Panels has just opened, and we need your help to make sure our panel and workshop are selected for the festival. Please follow the links below to vote!

WORKSHOP: Using AI and Humans Swarms to Battle Fake News

Fake News is a significant problem for our democracy and society. With the rapid pace of information and the opportunity for misinformation to stoke division, it’s crucial we find powerful new solutions. Our interactive SXSW Workshop will be led by Unanimous AI, winners of “Best in Show” at the 2018 SXSW Innovation Awards. It will include diverse experts to discuss problems caused by Fake News, the challenges of identifying it, and a demonstration of how we can defeat it by connecting people together using AI algorithms – a technique called Swarm AI that is modeled after swarms in nature. The workshop will have live audience participation in a real “human swarm” to highlight the ability of Swarm AI technology to differentiate between real and Fake News.


PANEL: Averting Disaster by Building Human Ethics into AI

The ethics of AI may be the single most challenging issue for society to confront as the technology advances at an ever-increasing pace. The ethical implications will only get more challenging as AI systems get smarter and more deeply embedded in the fabric of society. Our panel of experts will discuss ethical issues in AI applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to medical diagnostics and military technologies and the impact of AI on privacy, bias, and jobs. We will explore different perspectives and consider tradeoffs between automation and retention of human values. We will discuss different approaches to integrating human ethics into AI systems, considering the most challenging cases, where the biggest threats exist.


About Unanimous AI:

Unanimous AI is a Silicon Valley company that has pioneered Swarm AI technology, a new form of AI that combines real-time human insights and AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms. Unanimous has generated an impressive track record of predictions, forecasts and insights. The company’s technology has outperformed traditional AI systems and human experts in many high-profile challenges.

Unanimous works with corporate clients and leading organizations through its Swarm Insight® business intelligence service. Swarm Insight helps clients amplify the intelligence of consumer groups as well as amplify the intelligence of business teams to help make better decisions.  In 2018, Swarm AI was awarded SXSW’s “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year

Unanimous will be fielding swarms throughout 2018 to track the sentiment of the American public and to identify the trends and behaviors that are shaping our future.  If you would like to stay informed of our research, sign up below.

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