D/SRUPTION: A Universal Code of Ethics for AI?

Should, and can, AI be held to universal standards?


You would hope intelligent human beings would be able to agree on core moral standpoints for technologies, and for some this certainly seems achievable. Discussing the ethics of AI, though, is far more complex than simply agreeing not to fly your drone into a person.

To work within the real world, AI has to be aware of the nuances and particulars of specific societies. An AI system in a high surveillance country might differ from its equivalents in other parts of the world. Then, of course, there is ethical divide within societies.

Despite the scope for possible points of contention, is there a chance that AI development could be united under one ethical banner? Andrew Burgess, AI strategist and consultant,  Lee Howells, AI and automation expert at PA Consulting, and Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI, think not.

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A Universal Code of Ethics for AI? 



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