D/SRUPTION: 5 Applications of AI in Healthcare

AI is improving healthcare for patients, practitioners, and pharmas


This September, a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine and Unanimous AI found that a combination of human and machine intelligence could offer more accurate diagnoses than human doctors alone. Through Swarm AI technology, Unanimous AI maximises human knowledge by applying artificial intelligence to the wisdom of crowds. Here’s the interesting part: the swarm was also more accurate than intelligent software alone by a significant 22 per cent. So, instead of replacing medical professionals, AI can act as a helpful assistant. As well as more accurate diagnoses, how else can AI augment healthcare services?

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5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare



About Unanimous AI:
Unanimous AI is a Silicon Valley company that has pioneered Swarm AI® technology, a new form of AI that combines real-time human insights and AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms. In 2018, Swarm AI technology won “AI Innovation of the Year” at the SXSW Innovation Awards. For more on Unanimous, visit http://unanimous.ai

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