Swarming EPL: UNU’s Picks for 4/29


As the Premier League season winds down, there’s still all to play for at the top and bottom of the table. A number of teams contending in the top spots will be finishing a grueling 10-day stretch this weekend, so match fitness and team depth will be of paramount importance.

These are among the factors the UNU Swarm of Premier League fans has to consider when picking winners this week. The swarm (and we assume most gamblers) was stung badly when Liverpool bottled it last weekend against Crystal Palace at Anfield, and the brave pick of United to win the Manchester Derby came close but resulted in a draw. Even so, a 7-6 record since last Friday is solid for what it is (coming off a remarkable 21-9 stretch), and so we push forward into week 35.

Click the chart above to see replays of all the swarm’s picks…

Rather than discuss the picks at the top of the chart this week, we should probably focus attention on two key matches with great importance for the League title in 2017. League leading Chelsea face a difficult task at Goodison Park, a place that Everton has made hostile over past season. For Spurs, they’ve got their own big matchup, the North London Derby with Arsenal. How did UNU predict these two important matches?

Although Arsenal have found some form and appear to be playing with gusto as the season winds down, the swarm thinks that Tottenham will handle them in one of the last matches at old White Hart Lane. For Chelsea, the swarm sees rougher sailing with a less clear prediction. A win for the Blues is predicted, but Chelsea fans might have hoped for greater conviction in that.

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