Swarming MLB: UNU’s Picks for 4-28

It’s been a rainy spring week in much of the Midwest, and that’s caused some scrambling for everyone, from managers to league offices…to UNU! Because of some Tuesday rainouts causing pitching switches — and a Wednesday postponement — we were forced to take five games off the board from our picks for Wednesday. Even so, we managed a 6-4 record. Two of our three surviving top picks came in as winners. An extra inning Baltimore rally brought that game home, while a Cub uprising in Pittsburgh fell just short. (And, oddly, that makes twice now in consecutive swarms that young Pirate hurler Tyler Glasnow has won despite being picked on the losing end of our pick of the week. He’s the UNU killer.)

Unanimous A. I. brought together a swarm to predict the winners for a fascinating slate of games on Friday. We’ve got the Theo Epstein Derby happening at Fenway between the Cubs and Red Sox. There are also some terrific divisional rivalry clashes. The surging Cardinals host Cincinnati, San Diego and San Francisco try to sort out their respective seasons against one another on the Bay…and maybe most watched will be the pitching duel in DC between Stephen Strasburg and Jacob deGrom as the Nats and Mets clash.

It might be surprising to see that Washington prediction sitting at the top of our chart with its 77% brainpower rating. This is definitely a swarm pick worth a deeper look.

Examining the replay, you can see that after a few seconds, the support for the Mets in this matchup melts away. The 77% brainpower thus wasn’t a result of the swarm considering Mets versus Nationals, but rather a function of the group trying to decide how much they would predict the Nats to win by. We don’t have to just eyeball this, though. A graphic analysis paints an even clearer picture of what happened here.

You can see the small group of magnets that initially pulled towards the Mets in the bottom left of that chart, and they switch to Washington almost immediately. From there, the only fight remaining is between the two factions that are both predicting a win tonight for Strasburg and his teammates. Combine that with a strong betting expression, and we think that shows very heavy confidence by our swarm group for this contest.

*UNU Swarm predictions for Baltimore vs New York and Philadelphia vs Los Angeles Dodgers were taken off the board prior to publication due to late pitching changes after swarm picks were made.

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