AI Sports Picks Defy 1,200 to 1 Odds

Unanimous AI perfectly forecasts all 10 EPL weekend EPL matchups, $1 Bet Returns over $1200

In 2016, a swarm of horse racing enthusiasts predicted the Kentucky Derby Superfecta, turning $20 into $11,000 in what Newsweek described as “the Holy Grail of gambling.” But today, that 540 to 1 payout is now just the second most impressive display of predictive intelligence from Swarm AI® technology. With Manchester City beating Stoke City 2-0 to complete a 10-0 weekend record for the English Premier League Swarm, multiple members of the Swarm AI community have cashed parlays that are twice as lucrative as the Kentucky Derby Superfecta bet.

Unanimous published this set of picks on its blog, social channels, and in its newsletter to fans of the EPL Swarm, and already three members of its community have stepped forward with bets that paid 1,244-to-1 and 1,089-to-1, respectively. That means a $20 bet on this weekend’s EPL matchups would have produced $25,000 win. Another member of the EPL Swarm placed a $2 at 720-to-1. The EPL result comes on the heels of another remarkable performance at the Oscars, where a swarm of movie fans predicted the winners with 94% accuracy, outperforming every expert who published picks. 

One of the EPL fans following the Swarm AI’s picks from the UK placed a 10-team parlay that would eventually pay £1,244.83 back on his £1 wager.  Another heard Unanimous AI CEO Dr. Louis Rosenberg on the podcast recently decided to follow the Swarm AI’s picks though he “knows nothing about sports, but likes AI & technology.” That faith in the Swarm AI turned his $1 bet into a $1,089 payday.

In order to produce those kinds of results, the Swarm AI not only had to forecast winners and losers, but also to decide which matches, if any, would result in a draw. The ever-present possibility of a draw makes forecasting EPL matchups far more difficult than NFL or NBA games. So, while a recent NBA Swarm was also able to produce a perfect night of predictions, the EPL chart you see above represents an even more impressive display of intelligence.

This is a replay of the Swarm AI converging on a prediction for the matchup between Crystal Palace and Chelsea, with each magnet representing one member of the EPL Swarm. Together, they combine their wisdom, intelligence, and intuition with AI algorithms to produce an optimized and, as was the case in every matchup this weekend, accurate prediction.

Both members of the EPL Swarm community who have shown their bets to Unanimous have generously and independently offered to share their winnings with the charity of the company’s choosing. In both cases, Unanimous has recommended that the donation be made to Unanimous AI is currently a finalist for AI Innovation of the Year at SXSW and while in Austin, the company formed a super-intelligent Hive Mind of SXSW attendees to tackle challenging questions. One of those questions asked the SXSW Swarm to prioritize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the AI deemed “universal access to clean drinking water” as the world’s highest priority.

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