Swarming the NBA: AI Picks for Week 12


When NBA fans think about teams playing in their home arenas, they’re likely to envision loud, disruptive fans gathered en masse to make the visiting club as miserable as possible. Home court advantage is definitely a thing, and sometimes it’s the tipping point to victory in a close contest. Other times, though, it’s nothing more than a speed bump for a superior team to overcome. This week’s NBA Swarm went in pretty heavily for a number of road teams who the group expects to overcome playing on the road.

The swarm’s pick of the night is one of the many road winners that were picked this week. Golden State visits Dallas this evening in a game that might be a little closer than it appears at first. Although the Warriors have Steph Curry back, they’re likely to be playing tonight without Draymond Green who was hurt in a practice on Tuesday. For their part, Dallas comes into play tonight riding a four-game winning streak.


In the end, as you can see above, the swarm just sees too much of a disparity between these two teams. The signs of a high confidence pick are all present, with the magnets all pulling to the Warriors’ side of the hex, and the swarm taking the puck (eventually) to a high confidence pick. The swarm assigned the maximum possible wagering confidence to this game, and then chose it as their play of the week.

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