AI Selects the Optimal Logo for Space Force

Donald Trump’s vision for a new Space Force took a dramatic step forward this week when Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Pentagon to lay out the administration’s plan for creating the new sixth branch of the military. While Space Force would still have to pass through a divided Congress to become reality, Pence described Space Force “as an idea whose time has come” and requested that Congress allocate an additional $8 billion for space security systems over the next five years for the program.  Even one-time critic Defense Secretary Jim Mattis now says that space “is becoming a contested war-fighting domain, and we have to adapt to that reality.”

Creating an entirely new branch of the military requires buy-in from Congress and from the public. To that end, supporters of Space Force tout its ability to inspire generations the way NASA did in the 1960s after John F. Kennedy’s famous promise to put a man on the moon. With that in mind, Trump’s PAC is already soliciting opinions on the best logo via a survey on its website, since an ambitious project like this needs an inspirational logo to match.

But how to decide on the optimal logo for Space Force? Rather than using a poll, which merely tabulates insight, researchers at Unanimous created a Swarm AI system to provide optimized insight into the best logo for this historic new endeavor.

This Swarm AI system allows a group of people to combine their wisdom, experience and intuition into an AI-optimized output. Based on the way swarms amplify their intelligence to solve complex problems in nature, this technology has already achieved remarkable results like accurately forecasting Trump’s 100 Day Approval Rating and beating every expert on record at the Oscars, and even hitting the 541-1 Kentucky Derby Superfecta, a feat Newsweek called the “holy grail of gambling.

Researchers asked the Swarm AI system to create an optimized ranking of the six potential logos using the same iterative process that produced the historic Superfecta prediction. That process begins by identifying the least likely candidate to be the optimal Space Force logo.

Unanimous researchers then repeated this paring of the list until, they were left with a ranked list of all six logos. At the end, naturally, there were two contenders for the optimal logo for Space Force: logo #4, the light blue shield with rocket and #5, the launching rocket with the grey sky. The Swarm AI system was asked to choose between them as the final question in this session, and ultimately converged on Logo #4 as the optimal brand image for Space Force. 

Below is the full ranking of the six potential logos according to the Swarm AI system. Swarm Intelligence evolved to help simple organisms solve complex, life-or-death problems, and Unanimous is committed to bringing that same amplification of intelligence to human groups. While logo selection might not be considered a decision with such dire consequences, the truth is, a project like Space Force will live or die based on its ability to capture the imagination of the public at large. So, in light of the Swarm AI system’s track record for optimized insight, supporters of Space Force would do well to heed the AI’s recommendations below.

About Unanimous AI:

Unanimous AI is a Silicon Valley company that has pioneered Swarm AI technology, a new form of AI that combines real-time human insights and AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms. Unanimous has generated an impressive track record of predictions, forecasts and insights. The company’s technology has outperformed traditional AI systems and human experts in many high-profile challenges.

Unanimous works with corporate clients and leading organizations through its Swarm Insight® business intelligence service. Swarm Insight helps clients amplify the intelligence of consumer groups as well as amplify the intelligence of business teams to help make better decisions.  In 2018, Swarm AI was awarded SXSW’s “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year

Unanimous will be fielding swarms throughout 2018 to track the sentiment of the American public and to identify the trends and behaviors that are shaping our future.  If you would like to stay informed of our research, sign up below.

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