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Swarm Insight combines the power of A.I. with real-time consumer feedback, providing deeper insights than focus groups in a fraction of the time.

"some of the most accurate predictions racing has ever seen"

2017 Winner:

"more accurate results than traditional polls."

"… is beating the pack on predictions"

"a better way to tap our collective intelligence"

"… on the cutting edge of group decision-making."

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"swarms win where poll fail."

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Swarm Insight™

Swarm Insight™ is a powerful combination of crowd-sourced human input and A.I. algorithms. A revolution in market research, Swarm Insight not only gives more accurate reflections of consumer sentiment, it’s faster and more expressive than anything available before.

Modeled after swarms in nature, which converge on optimal solutions with remarkable efficiency, our Swarm A.I.™ technology connects groups of consumers into real-time intelligent systems that “think together” to derive optimized research insights. 

The insights produced by Swarm A.I. systems have been shown to be more accurate and more expressive than traditional polls, surveys, or focus groups. 

We deliver DEEP INSIGHTS, fast...

With Swarm Insight, every question provides a wealth of information, revealing the complex dynamics of how groups reach decisions, form opinions and draw conclusions.

Our graphing tools go far beyond the final answer, quickly showing how confident individuals are in their views, which options they're willing to consider most, their level of flexibility or entrenchment, and how decision dynamics vary by demographic.

From sentiment analysis, to price sensitivity, Swarm Insight™ reveals more about consumers in minutes, than expensive focus group or massive polls do in days or weeks.

How Smart Are Swarms?

2016 Oscars

Newsweek challenged Unanimous A.I. to predict the winners of the 2016 Oscars. Using our Swarm A.I. technology to amplify the insights of 50 randomly selected movie fans, Unanimous correctly predicted 76% of the awards, out-performing the vast majority of professional movie critics, including the LA Times, Rolling Stone, and FiveThirtyEight.

2016 Kentucky Derby

CBS Interactive challenged Unanimous A.I. to predict the Kentucky Derby. Using Swarm A.I. to amplify the insights of 20 horse-racing fans, Unanimous correctly predicted the first four horses, in order. Known as the "Superfecta", this remarkable prediction defied 542 to 1 odds, earning $10,800 on a $20 bet. One reader of the CBS article won over $50K by betting on this prediction!

The 2016 Presidential Election

Early in the primaries when there were over a dozen contenders for the GOP nomination, Unanimous A.I. was challenged by TechRepublic to predict the eventual winner. Once again, Unanimous leveraged Swarm A.I. to predict that Donald Trump would become the eventual GOP nominee, and that he would pose the greatest possible threat to a Hillary Clinton victory.

How does it work?

Need more proof?

Here is a recently published academic paper by researchers at Unanimous A.I. and Oxford University.

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